Be a Volunteer at Hillcrest Home

Everyone’s needs vary from day to day, from simple reminders to an extra pair of hands, or a shoulder to lean on, that’s why we’re here.

Volunteer Service at Hillcrest Home offers more than just opportunities for service, it stimulates personal growth and lifelong changes in individual lives. The intensity of living and working closely with others quickly turns strangers from all over the United States into family.

This service venture enables young people to positively impact the lives and hearts of the elderly by serving them with the hands and heart of Christ. The funds which are generated, through the use of volunteer staff, are utilized to support foreign missions. In addition, this term of service at Hillcrest, often produces positive lifelong changes in the life of the individual who comes to serve. Leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and a new concept of sacrifice are just a few of the character qualities that are developed. Furthermore, Hillcrest is a place where horizons are broadened with lifelong friendships. 

The workers serving at Hillcrest receive full room and board, as well as several other employment benefits, plus a monthly allowance for personal expenses. The rest of their pay is dedicated to mission work. 

Because of the steady turnover in staff, we are constantly recruiting and training new workers. We regularly have openings for Certified Nursing Assistants, Kitchen Workers, Janitors and Maintenance. Serving is certainly not always glamorous, it often consists of very routine and hard work, but nothing can equal the satisfaction of serving Christ by serving others.


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