text About us

Hillcrest Home, located in Harrison, Arkansas, began its operation in 1953 under the direction of the Mission Interest Committee (M.I.C). M.I.C was established in the early 1950’s, in an effort to create a structured environment in which young people could serve. This concern arose after several Mennonite young men chose to participate in alternative fields of service, instead of joining the armed forces during World War II. This factor inspired M.I.C. To assume the responsibility for the operation of Hillcrest Home.


Our desire is to advocate a life of service as exemplified by our Lord. Not only do we benefit the residents we care for directly, but because the majority of our staff is comprised of volunteers, the funds which are generated are used to support M.I.C. missionaries, in their attempt to spread the gospel to other parts of the world. Since opening its doors in 1953, over 1300 young people have come to give of their time and energy in this facility. More than 2000 residents have also passed through these doors to spend their final days surrounded by caring and compassionate staff. Our primary goal is to spread the love of Christ to each and every person with whom we come in contact. The primary goals maintained by Hillcrest are as follows:


  • To care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves, just as Jesus reached out to those in need.
  • To provide a structured environment in which young people can live, work, and enjoy wholesome recreation.
  • To facilitate practical application of God’s Word through our Christian Growth Program.
  • To provide exposure to foreign missions, through complementary mission trips for volunteers who serve for 15 months or more.
  • To encourage personal growth in young people through the development of interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and many other character qualities that will accompany them throughout their lives.
  • To provide funds and support for foreign missions through M.I.C. Presently, there are six mission stations in Canada
text Core Values


        As servant-leaders, we are servants first, enabling others to be their best, without caring who gets the credit.


        We are dependable_people of our word. We do the right thing even when no one is watching.


        We do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Excellence is not a destination but an ongoing journey.


        We show kindness, forgiveness, and empathy to every person, even when we don’t know their story.


          We are committed to continue learning and growing through all of life. We believe if we stop growing, we stop living.


          We value creativity and welcome new ideas. We respect and value differing opinions.

          We build trust and security with respectful, transparent communication.


          We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other like family.


          We look for the small opportunities to exceed peoples’ expectations.

text History

Since 1953, Hillcrest Home has been leased from Boon County to the Mission Interest Committee (MIC) of the Beachy Mennonite Churches. The Home is staffed in part by volunteers from various Mennonite churches across the United States. Most range in age from eighteen to mid-twenties and the average length of stay is 15 months. They receive a small monthly allowance, room and board is furnished. For nearly all, it is a life changing experience. The give-and-take required to live day by day with forty young people from different back grounds in relative peace is tremendous. Without a deep dedication to Christ it would be impossible.

text Culture Change

Why would we ask anyone to give up home….just when they need it most?

We care about quality of life and focus on Personalized care rather than Institutionalized care!

Our desire is to bring a home-like atmosphere to each elder’s life and to allow them to closely experience life as they had once lived in their own homes.  Whatever your preferences, whatever your needs, you’ll find yourself surrounded by those who desire to do what they can to meet those needs and make your life more comfortable!