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Hillcrest Home is a Skilled Nursing Facility focused on providing quality care to those entrusted to us. Located in Harrison, Arkansas, our daily goal is to give care with the same love and care that Jesus would show. Hillcrest is a place where each individual is valued, and we strive to enable the choices and quality of life our elders enjoyed in their own homes.


Not only do we benefit the elderly we care for directly, but because many of our staff are volunteers, the funds which are generated are used to support missions in spreading the love of God around the world.


Whether you are here for a day, a couple months, or are making Hillcrest your new home, we are here to meet your needs. To care for you emotionally, physically and spiritually is our priority.

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We offer Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, while also providing outpatient services.

Long term care

Over 60 years of Long Term Care provided for the Residents of Boone County. Our waiting list for this service varies in length.

Culture Change

We have embraced culture change in many ways, from the household model to the way we interact with our residents.

About Us

Located in Harrison, Arkansas, Hillcrest began operation in 1953 under the direction of the Mission Interest Committee (M.I.C.)

Core Values

Meeting the needs of the whole person. Christlike care. Our primary goal is to spread the love of Christ to each and every person with whom we come in contact.

Volunteer Program

Mennonite Youth from all over come to serve.
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Because we take a non-profit approach, we are able to concentrate on creating an environment of caring. We focus on meeting the social, physical,
and spiritual needs of the individual. A place where our daily goal is to show the elderly within our care, the same love and respect with which we
would show our Lord. Hillcrest is a place where you will feel a sense of caring from the moment you arrive.

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Caring for the elderly since 1953
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